Extreme Environment Keypad 26S


Indoor/Outdoor 2 part design 2×6 Keypad & Controller


Indoor/Outdoor 2 part design 2×6 Keypad & Controller
Heat, cold, rain, snow, sleet, steam, grease, nothing stops the 1 billion cycles tested piezoelectric stainless steel keypad with no moving parts. Weatherproof, waterproof, vandal resistant keypads operate in extreme conditions from -40 deg F to +160 deg F and 100% Relative Humidity. The controller unit operating temperature is in the industrial range of -40 deg F to +120 deg F when installed in waterproof enclosure (not included). Each system is programmable directly from keypad, or from a PC with the included software. Easily add, modify, or delete users on your PC, then upload to the controller via serial port. Record audit trail transactions while connected to PC.

Extreme Environment Keypad Access

– 2 part design keypad & controller
– 1 Main and 2 Aux relays 6Amp each
– Timed 1-99 sec. or latched
– Time-Zone Restricted Access input
– REX, tamper, anti-tailgating
– Choice of 3×4 or 2×6 narrow keypad
– Auto adjusting 12/24 volts AC/DC
– Keypad or PC Programmable
– 500 Users, 1 temp auto-expire code.

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Weight 4 lbs
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