Hardwired Transformer AC output


Single output 24VAC 40VA


24VAC 40VA single voltage output 120VAC input hardwired transformer used in HVAC and industrial controls.

Hardwired Transformer AC output

* The familiar doorbell type
* Twice the output power
* Mounts into electrical box KO
* Can be surface mounted
* Mfg. by Edwards or Lee Electric

* Available output voltages:
* Single output:
* 24 VAC 40 VA
* Tri-volt:
* 8VAC 20VA, 16VAC 30VA, 24VAC 30VA

AC transformer output is usually specified in volt-amperes (VA) or watts (W). 40VA=40 Watt. Current is calculated 40W / 12V = 3.33Amp.

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Weight 2 lbs
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