Metal Detector


9V battery powered body scanner


Battery powered Handheld Metal Detector with sensitivity adjustment is designed to meet requirements of the security industry. Typical uses will include body search for offensive weapons in crowd control, airport and border security, detention centers, prisons, checking parcels and letters for metal objects, school and public safety, night clubs, public events and anywhere where hidden metal needs to be detected.

The sensing distance is determined primarily by the size, shape and composition of the object to be detected.

Hand gun ………. up to 10 inches
Knife …………….. up to 5 inches
Razor blade ……. up to 3 inches

Dimensions: 15-3/8″(L) 2-1/2″(W) 1-1/8″(H)

Boyz packing guns can’t aim.
Innocent people get hurt.
Lawyers aim good.
Don’t make your business their target.

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Weight 2 lbs
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