Plug-in Transformer DC output


Plug-in Transformer 12VDC or 24VDC
Select Output Voltage:
DC1202 – 12VDC 1Amp
DC2401 – 24VDC 1Amp


The DC plug in transformers manufactured today are actually switching power supplies. They’re lighter in weight since the wire-wound metal transformer is replaced by electronics. They offer wider range of input voltage and frequency, and higher output current for the size. Some, but not all have built-in overload and short circuit protection. When the transformer looks dead, unplug it, let it cool of and fully discharge, then try it again. It may come back to life. That’s a real help in troubleshooting unfamiliar circuits. No more blown fuses, no fried transformers.

Some switching power supplies require minimum load to start. When you try to read output of unloaded transformer, it may show no output voltage. Try to connect some load and measure it again. Yeah, life used to be more predictable BC (before computers). That holds true for PoE power over ethernet devices. The router or switch doesn’t even apply power unless the connected device can verify it is true PD powered device.

Plugs into 120VAC outlet
* Screw output terminals
* Available output voltage:
* DC1202 12VDC 1Amp
* DC2401 24VDC 1Amp

DC power supply output is usually specified in voltage and current (12VDC 500mA, 12VDC 1000mA, 12VDC 1Amp).  1 Amp=1000mA.

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Weight 1 lbs
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